Saturday, December 07, 2019


Extra Heavy Duty (2)

Capacity: 840 - 10,000 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 6" - 12"

Super Duty (2)

Capacity: 5400 - 40,000 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 6" - 36"

Extra Heavy & Super Duty
Hamilton features seven caster series under the Extra Heavy and Super Duty banners. These production caster models are designed for heavy industrial applications where operational dependability is a must. Swivel caster models are machined from drop forged steel. CNC-machined precision raceways and precision tapered secondary load bearings combine to make the casters rugged and easy swiveling. Shipbuilding, defense contractors, aerospace plants, jet engine factories, heavy equipment manufactures and any operation involving the movement of extremely heavy loads—e.g. die carts—are all applications where Hamilton has engineered reliable material handling solutions. Even in this heavy duty caster space, you will find many models stocked at the factory for same-day/next-day shipment.
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